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Easily Create Immersive Lessons
Our authoring engine makes it easy to build quality lessons that bring a high level of student engagement without writing a line of code.
  • Choose from a library of exciting interactive, instructional, and assessment templates, all fully customized to meet your design and instructional needs
  • Easily populate templates with your copy, assets, and audio
  • Take advantage of pre-set animation sequences. For example, if a student gets a question wrong, it’s easy to show them a pre-set animation sequence while the incorrect feedback is delivered.
  • A lesson can include multiple skins so that the design of a lesson can be dynamically “aged up” or “aged down” to accommodate the user in real time.
Cooler Animations in Less Time
Animated content is key to creating an immersive experience that drives engagement for kids. HTML5alive use the latest technology to deliver the ability to easily create engaging animations.
  • Use tweening and scalable vector graphics (SVG) assets to quickly and easily make dynamic light-weight animations.
  • Custom-designed characters with pre-set gestures can be reused throughout your lessons. Animated characters can be added to any slide in a lesson to add variety and engagement.
  • Characters’ mouths are driven by the amplitude of the audio file, so no animation work is needed to have the characters speak.
  • Animations can be dropped into your lessons or onto any webpage just like any other type of visual element.
Integrates Everywhere
Build once, deploy everywhere! Our authoring engine can export individual animations or completed HTML5 lessons that work perfectly on any device or platform.
  • Lessons will play within a mobile app, or in any major browser on both desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • HTML5alive enables animation assets to be dropped into your existing lessons, or your existing assets can be brought to life in our framework.
  • We are particularly excited about the advantages of animated SVG with synched audio, but the HTML5alive framework can also integrate video, animated GIFs and all other HTML5 assets.
  • The HTML5alive framework includes several type of lesson players that each can be completely customized to provide the functionality you need and reflect the look and feel of your brand
Better (and Smaller) Than Video
HTML5alive animations have many additional advantages over video:
  • Since our animation engine supports the SVG file format, our file sizes can be very small. For example, a character asset with a full library of pre-loaded gestures only has a file size of about 300 k. Once a character’s assets are loaded, those assets can be reused throughout a lesson without adding any additional file size.
  • Animation files are resolution independent so that can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.
  • Animations and interactivity can be integrated in order to weave together a seamless experience.
  • All content and assets remain completely modifiable throughout all stages of the production cycle. There is no point at which edits, corrections and improvements become impractical.
  • Big engagement is cost effective when continuous improvement is efficient and effortless.
Robust Math Support
Visual representations are an essential element of mathematics instruction. Our development team has been producing math products for almost 40 years, and we understand the technology required to ensure complicated mathematics are properly presented. That’s why we’ve included a powerful math engine in our authoring environment. Whether you need to present and manipulate mathematical formulas or produce animated explanations for complex geometric constructions, HTML5alive has the capability to do it all. Check out our Showcase to see examples of instruction for Pythagorean Theorem and Finding the Area of a Circle as well as an activity to teach students about Transformation.
Effortless Collaboration
The best products are created when it’s easy for teams to collaborate! Our authoring platform makes it easy to stay organized and produce lessons efficiently:
  • Store everything you need for lesson production directly in the authoring environment
  • Review and comment on slides, assets, and text directly in the authoring engine. Track and respond to open issues to makes sure nothing is missed.
  • Easily view and manage previous versions of lessons and lesson assets.